4 students of the Master in Automation and Control Engineering, Isabella Lanzani, Sofia Guerra, Simone Dassi e Federico Pirillo, took part to the automatic control international competition “Grinding Plant Control Challenge 2022” organized by IFAC (ifacmmm2022.org/control-challenge), and they got the third place.

The aim of the challenge was to guarantee that a grinding plant  – whose model had been given as a black box – works according to a set of desired specifications for 50 hours. The specifications entail the control of pressure and level of a tank, optimizing a quality parameter related to the granularity of the plant output.
Students must develop their control solution and present it to the panel.

The challenge was participated in by:

  • 34 students
  • 12 teams (10 including graduated students, though our team was one of the two composed only of non-graduated students)
  • 5 nations: Canada, South Africa, Italy, Brasil and China