Automation and Control engineering students have the opportunity to participate in high quality international projects based on joint programmes and special agreements with many partner universities. Every year, many students take part in international mobility programmes. The students selected for a specific programme have the opportunity to enrich their academic experience by spending a period at a partner university, thereby acquiring credits fully recognised by Politecnico di Milano. Several such opportunities are available:

  • a period of study as part of Erasmus mobility, non-EU bilateral agreements or special programmes;
  • double degrees;
  • a work placement in companies or university labs;
  • a period abroad to prepare a thesis.

The International mobility committee
The International mobility committee helps students in preparing their learning agreements (i.e., the list of courses, equivalent to the ones the student has in the Politecnico di Milano study plan, he/she will attend at the hosting institution), and converts and registers the marks of the courses attended at the hosting institution.

Students are suggested to follow these steps in preparing their learning agreement:

  1. Ask to the Exchange Office of the hosting university the deadline to submit the learning agreement.
  2. Check the list of courses available at the hosting institution during the mobility period.
    Course titles and programmes are usually available at the website of the hosting institution. If these information are not available, the student should make reference to the Exchange Office of the hosting institution.
  3. Among the available courses the student should select only the ones that are equivalent to courses in his/her Politecnico study plan.
    The archive of resolutions concerning international exchange programmes, available on the Online Services, can be used to check the equivalence between to courses.
    For all the courses in the learning agreement, the student collects the syllabus both from Politecnico di Milano and from the hosting institution.
    Note that, the courses in the learning agreement have to satisfy all the rules of the Automation and Control study programme.
  4. The student asks to the International mobility committee to verify his/her learning agreement and, in case it is approved, he/she drafts the official learning agreement document.

Students should make reference to Prof. Gian Paolo Incremona if the hosting institution is in one of the following countries:

Denmark, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South America

or to Prof. Matteo Corno if, instead, the hosting institution is in one of the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, South Korea, Croatia, France, Germany, Japan, India, Ireland, Israel, North America, Holland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Hungary

When the student returns from the period abroad, as soon as the transcript of records is made available from the hosting institution, the International mobility committee converts the marks related to the exams passed at the hosting institution applying the conversion rules described in the following School of Industrial and Information Engineering document (in Italian).